May 132020

I’m Tristan Taormino and this is Sex Out Loud.

“That’s why I’m literally writing a whole book about my gender.” Jacob Tobia

“My mom and I were on BBC together talking about sex work and disability which is something I never thought I would ever do.” Andrew Gurza

“Where do we learn about how to react to bodily fluids?” Rahim Thawer

“People have abortions more than we want to admit and abortion is beyond healthcare, it’s really body autonomy.” Bianca Laureano

“Someone talks about porn ruining sex, the question for me is: which porn?” Lux Alptraum

“I don’t want anybody to fetishize my Jewishness who wouldn’t stand next to me at a march.” Fancy Feast

“I just wanted to show polyamory in a way that LOOKS like polyamory.” Kevin Patterson

If you’re excited by sexual pleasure and sexual politics? You’ve come to the right place.

“I’ve been this radical queer agnostic theologian for a long time.” Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza

“They think that Muslims don’t have sex?!” Angelica Lindsay-Ali aka The Village Auntie

“There is a very specific history of racism and anti-blackness in this country.” Cameron Glover

“I don’t know who started this myth that after someone is sexually assaulted they never want to fornicate again.” Jimanekia Eborn

“We really don’t think that change happens without knowing what we’re for and not just what we’re against.” Jaclyn Friedman

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