Sep 112015

andrew and stella

This Friday I am excited to welcome Andrew Morrison-Gurza and Stella Palikarova, creators of the social media campaign #DeliciouslyDisabled and Deliciously Disabled: a disability awareness consulting and motivational speaking company that strives to bring disability into pop culture and raise awareness surrounding the lived experiences of people with disabilities. We talk about creating conversations around disability that are based in positivity that both Persons with Disabilities and non-disabled individuals can use when discussing disability. We also discuss how to expand the conversation of sex and disability into all of our sex education.

Tune in Friday, September 11 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET to hear this show premiere. Join the discussion on Twitter where we livetweet every week. Sex Out Loud airs every Friday, you can listen along on your computer, tablet, or phone, find all the ways at If you missed any part of the episode or want to listen again, you can listen to every episode on demand here.

Andrew Morrison-Gurza is the Founder/Co-Director of Deliciously Disabled Consulting.  His passion is “making disability accessible” within mainstream pop culture.    Within the LGBTQ+ community, Andrew works to deconstruct our homo-normative, body beautiful ideals and show that Queers with Disabilities deserve representation.  His goal is to welcome everyone into the conversation of disability. His written work has been highlighted in The Advocate, Huffington Post and The Good Men Project, where he candidly discusses the realities of sex and disability as a Queer Cripple.

Stella Palikarova is a writer/filmmaker and co-director of Deliciously Disabled. She is currently completing her Masters of Information at the University of Toronto, with a background in Film and Psychology from York University (2007), having graduated summa cum laude. Her academic interests have always related to the intersecting experiences of disability, from her undergraduate thesis on the dating experiences of adolescent girls with congenital, physical disabilities, to her current thesis work on the ethical implications of cybernetic implants for people with disabilities. For the latter, Stella received a Masters SSHRC. Stella is a frequent guest speaker on subjects pertaining to disability and continues to pursue filmmaking and creative writing.