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To find out when the next Boot Camp takes place in your area, see Tristan’s schedule. The online version of Boot Camp 1 is coming in Spring 2016!

Whether I am delivering a keynote speech, teaching a sex workshop, writing an article on relationships, or producing a sex ed film, I consider myself a sex educator first and foremost. In the past few years, more and more people have approached me and asked, “How do I become a sex educator?” I paved an unconventional path and created a sustainable career with no business experience and very few role models. I’m ready to pay it forward and teach the next generation of sex educators what I’ve learned along the way, with the hopes that sex education continues to grow and diversify. In the Sex Educator Boot Camp series, I share the secrets of my success as one of the most sought-after educators in the world for over a decade. These courses focus specifically on business and marketing tools and offer a rare opportunity to learn important skills to thrive in the dynamic, changing field of sex education. —Tristan Taormino

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TTCConLASex Educator Boot Camp 1

Are you passionate about sex education and want to build a career in the field? Sex educator, author, college lecturer, filmmaker and radio host Tristan Taormino has written or edited more than thirty books, appeared on dozens of television shows, garnered national media coverage, and keynoted, lectured, and taught workshops to over a million people around the world. But she’s never shared her insight into creating a successful sex education career—until now. In this three hour course, Tristan will share the secrets of her success as one of the most sought-after sex educators in the world for over a decade. You’ll learn how to: explore options for education and certification; harness your unique perspective in the field and communicate it effectively; identify your individual goals and the audience(s) you want to reach; network with other sex education professionals and build awareness about your work; create dynamic presentations and develop your teaching style; think creatively about marketing and promotion. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to ask Tristan questions about your specific issues and concerns in an intimate environment. This course is ideal for people who: work in an ancillary field to sex education; are considering a career in sex education; are enrolled in or recently completed a sex education advanced degree program; or have worked as a professional sex educator for less than a year. Online version of Boot Camp 1 is coming in Spring 2016.


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Sex Educator Boot Camp 2: Intermediate

Have you begun your journey as a sex educator and are ready to get serious, streamline your business, and get paid for what you love doing? In this intermediate course, Tristan Taormino, one of the most well-known educators in the field, shares her experience, skills, and insight to help you create a vibrant, fulfilling career in sex education. You’ll learn how to: hone your mission and unique point of view; develop and create business, branding, and marketing plans; use web-based tools and social media to connect with media professionals, other sex educators, and potential clients, employers and fans; garner media coverage in order to raise your public profile; embrace the value of your work and develop pricing structures and rates. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to ask Tristan questions about your specific issues and concerns in an intimate environment. This course is ideal for people who have: worked as a professional sex educator or in the sex education field for at least a year; and/or completed Sex Educator Boot Camp I: Basic.

WOCSHNatCconSex Educator Boot Camp 3: Advanced

Are you a sex educator ready to take your career and business to the next level? World-renowned sex educator Tristan Taormino reveals her proven techniques for success. You’ll learn how to: write promotional materials and create media buzz about your work; build strategic partnerships and coalitions with individuals, organizations, and companies that boost your reach, credibility, and visibility; shape your public identity and boost your credibility; leverage a local/regional presence into a national one; transform a part-time job into a full time career; monetize your expertise and experience; clarify your goals and prioritize your work accordingly; stop doing work that doesn’t have a clear path toward supporting yourself; integrate your values and politics with your business practices; explore what personal blocks may be holding you back; expand your offerings, grow your business, and make your career sustainable. There will be real talk about money, community politics, and burnout. You’ll have the chance to network, brainstorm, and collaborate with other attendees in smaller breakout groups. Plus, you’ll get sample pitch letters for colleges, media, sponsors, potential employers, and more. This course is ideal for people who have worked in sex education for at least three years and/or have completed Sex Educator Boot Camp 1: Basic and 2: Intermediate.

Sex Educator Boot Camp: Master Class

This is a special course exclusively for people who have worked in sex education for at least five years. We will develop new ideas and enhance existing strategies for media coverage, strategic partnerships and online/social media presence. We will discuss client relationships, business ethics, and teaching philosophies. This intensive course will provide each educator with the opportunity to: present new or existing individual presentation material and receive instructor and peer feedback; develop and draft an article, blog post or part of a book chapter. We’ll also explore strategies for fighting burnout, maintaining public presence, and keeping up with the dynamic world of sexuality education.


Boot Camp participants always receive priority booking (and often receive discounts) for private one-on-one consultations with Tristan where she offers individual advice about your career in person or via Skype.