Apr 292016

lauren marie fleming

Author and educator Lauren Marie Fleming talks about her new book: Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body. She’ll talk about the Bawdy Love Manifesto, combating negative messages, and taking the guilty out of pleasure. Fleming invites us to join her revolution, where every body is worthy, no body is shameful, and we can proudly declare that we deserve decadence, joy, and fun in our lives. Lauren and Tristan will be talking LIVE, so you can call in and join the conversation! 866-472-5788

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Lauren Marie Fleming takes the guilty out of pleasure. An audacious storyteller, she wrote the book Bawdy Love: 10 Steps to Profoundly Loving Your Body, hosts the Bawdy Love podcast, and leads the #BawdyLove revolution, a movement to banish shame and fill our lives with decadence, delight, and joy. From crowds of thousands to groups of six, Lauren facilitates life-changing conversations with her motivational speaking, intensive workshops, and intimate retreats. Through her work, Lauren has helped people all over the globe silence their inner critics, connect with their deeper Truths, and feel comfortable and confident in their bodies. For six years, Lauren ran the acclaimed sex blog Queerie Bradshaw, but now you can find her writing, programs, and products at LaurenMarieFleming.com.

Sep 042015

april flores

April Flores returns to the show to discuss her newest site FAT GIRL FANTASIES. Having made her start with legends like Belladonna and Bizarre magazine, April now finds herself documenting her own filthy sex life, and the sex she sees around her. She’s the fat girl of your fantasies, and now she’s serving up her iconic attitude and hers, yours, and everyone’s fat girl fantasies. We’ll discuss body diversity, sex-positive activism, and making yourself feel powerful.

Tune in to Sex Out Loud this Friday, September 4th at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET. This week’s show is LIVE so call in to Voice America with questions and comments at 1-866-472-5788, join the discussion on Twitter @SexOutLoudRadio, or e-mail me via tristan(at)puckerup.com and I’ll read them live on the air. Tune in to Sex Out Loud every Friday, you can listen along on your computer, tablet, or phone, find all the ways at SexOutLoudRadio.com!

April Flores is a muse, model, and erotic performer but that’s not even scratching the surface. A fearless voluptuous star with scarlet hair, proponent of the queer community, feminist, sex-positive activist, outspoken advocate of body diversity, glamorous art model, avid kink fan, sub and dom both, and all around powerful woman. April is the first ever BBW to win two consecutive AVN Awards for her groundbreaking work. She is the host of Vivid Radio’s Voluptuous Life, has also graced the covers of Bizarre and AVN Magazines, among others; modeled for dozens of fine art photographers; appeared in countless adult films in every genre of the adult industry (from mainstream to queer to kinky to artsy); and spoken out about body image through her mere presence and powerful sexuality, along with her activism.