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Download handouts from my most popular classes here. Remember that all handouts are copyright Tristan Taormino. If you want to quote anything in them, please email me to ask permission.

1. FemaleOrgasms Handout

2. Open Relationship Checklist

  4 Responses to “Free Downloads”

  1. Thank you Tristan. I have been married 21yrs and hubby wants to swing or have an open relationship. We have college aged girls that come back home and I don’t want them to know. Now I have a resource to help me, and to prove my point to him.
    thanks again.

  2. Dear Tristan:

    I´m from Chile. The other week a saw 15 minutes of your film “the expert guide…” and I love it..!!!
    Thanks, My boyfriend and I had seen your film and we learn very much..!!! We experiment many things and our relatioship now is better than before.

    Thanks..!! (Excuse my english, but i don´t speak very well in english)

  3. Dear Tristan, would also post a downloadable guide on how to clean/disinfect sex toys?
    Thank you!

  4. I’m wanting to learn to be a slave and be the best MISTRESS has ever had I’ve been scammed by 4 so call mistresses need to how to tell a good one from a bad one. What books would say be good to read? just a humble slave

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