Sep 252015

give me sex jesus

Give Me Sex Jesus is a new documentary that tells six personal stories of struggle from within the Evangelical community to remain sexually pure until marriage. This Friday September 25th on Sex Out Loud Radio, I discuss the film with the filmmakers Matt Barber and Brittany Machado and talk about the Purity movement, abstinence-only education, belief, faith and what happens when our bodies and desires do not behave. Watch the entire film for free on Vimeo here!

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brittany machadoBrittany Machado is an academic-turned-filmmaker. Trained as a sociologist at the University of Chicago, she has transferred her love of storytelling and eye for detail into making film and television. She has produced a number of independent projects, including the webseries When Giants Fan Met Dodgers Fan (CSN Bay Area), and the feature documentary Give Me Sex Jesus. Brittany cut her teeth working in post-production on Grimm (NBC) and consulting for independent documentary projects. She currently works at Warner Bros. where she is the administrator for the Television Workshop and other creative development programs.

matt barberA Los Angeles-based director and producer, Matt Barber has established himself as an intuitive storyteller who is also known for his ability to find the right song for the right scene (and the right scene for the right song). Barber’s directing credits include: iZombie (the CW), Forever (ABC), The 100 (the CW), the NBC cultcomedy Chuck (on which he also served as an editor for five years), the awardwinning film Weathered (starring Tony Hale), and the feature documentary No Cameras Allowed (MTV.) Give Me Sex Jesus is his first venture into issue-based documentaries.