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Writer, artist & performer Lyric Seal aka Neve Be joins the show to talk about their work as an artist, performing in porn with Pink & White production, and their upcoming project, Diathesis a film that dances through the panic attacks of 3 queers of color, who are heroes in their own story.

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Photo by nikki silver

Lyric Seal aka Neve Be was born and remains this densely packed little firestarting fireball creature, in certain lights, they resemble a seal. They grew up in the beautiful dirty Jerz, versed in bodies of water, forest flowers, and monster myths. Their first solos were choreographed in meadows, or sometimes nets of poison ivy or cement steps leading to backyards or heralding strip malls. They nuzzled, climbed, and imagined against imposed structure. Seal began dancing with Def Dance Jam in Harlem at the age eight and it was love as soon as they put hands and feet to wood brought up by drums. They’ve stuck to sets and stages ever since. Especially outside ones.

Seal received a liberal arts degree with concentrations in folk literature, disabled identity, and multimedia dance performance. Before and between that they were a crust punk with no eyebrows and creative interventions, like Amanda Palmer, or Whoopi Goldberg. They grew a second pair with the help of fairy ink because they were very very sensitive and patient.

Seal’s first tryst with San Francisco began in 2010 the last year that an all queer and trans people of color house was to be found in the Mission. Though they had traipsed it’s pink and green streets earlier, with their mom as a child, visiting her old home, the Haight. They thought that one day they would do and be something pink there. Their power chair, Gianna, is bright pink, the parts of them that are not deep clay brown or bone cream, are pink, and their favorite porn company to shoot for is Pink and White Productions. It is, often, a terribly rosy life.

Bay Area Accomplishments include: Falling hard for Oakland and getting loved back, in 2011. Making and growing a home, mobile enough to move with, the love part, the mobile home is next. Queer family. Punk roots expanded. Getting sweet real deep bonding time with their father, who moved to Santa Cruz from New Jersey, and had also lived in the Bay with their mom. (Having the best parents forever, an accomplishment related to emotional work, poetry, and occasionally place). Tourmate with Mangos with Chili to discover talent, resolve, electricity, friendship, community, boundaries, love. Columnist at maximumrocknroll magazine. Co-founder of the Blueberry Jam, an improvisational movement lab for women, queers, and gender non-conforming people. Sought after queer porn star, video ho, sex educator, panel pincher. Advice Columnist and Creator of the Disability Justice Infused Love Concept Slumber Party with Lyric Seal. Intern turned family member turned writer and collaborator and educator with Sins Invalid (Executive and Artistic Director, Patricia Berne). Writer, director, and star of three short films shot with Nikki Silver: Waiting for Beast (on Pinklabel.tv), White Fur (Periwinkle Cinema’s Hanky Code Movie Anthology and available on vimeo), and DIATHESIS: A Tale of Three Dancers, currently in production and fundraising!

With great earnest hope, they are relocating part of their queer family to join more queer and disability justice family, including their partner, in Seattle, where they will tweak their art and build home and wreak sunshine in the rain.

Seal’s performance mediums include but are not limited to: contemporary fusion dance, contact improv, burlesque, high gross art, stripping, drag, performance installation, performance terrorism, repertory theatre, political street theater, film acting, adult acting, physical theatre, movement therapy, rising speeches, ministry, juice, spit, face paint, rocks, sex crust, dragon’s nests, being someone else.

You can find their writing regularly in Everyday Feminism and maximumrocknroll (in print, son!), in the past in Coming Out Like a Porn Star edited by Jiz Lee, Curve Magazine, Harlot Magazine, Plentitude Magazine, Model View Culture, and in the future in the form of a book published by Threelmedia called Taking it Lying Down/Crawling Like an Animal: Bedtime Stories Told Down Thru My Body.


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