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This week I welcome professor and author Jane Ward to Sex Out Loud this week to discuss her brand new book Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men. From the military to fraternities to Craigslist, they talk about the numerous sites where white heterosexual men have sex with other men and what it means for the hetero/homo binary, queer politics, race, sexual identity, and the overlooked sexual complexity of straight men. She makes the case about why this matters and how it has broad implications for everyone, whether straight or gay.

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Jane Ward is associate professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies at UCR, where she teaches courses in feminist, queer, and heterosexuality studies.  She has published on a broad range of topics including: feminist pornography; queer parenting; gay pride festivals; gay marriage campaigns; transgender relationships; the social construction of heterosexuality; the failure of diversity programs; and the evolution of HIV/AIDS organizations.  Her first book, Respectably Queer: Diversity Culture in LGBT Activist Organizations was named by The Progressive magazine as a best book of 2008.  Her second book, forthcoming with NYU Press, is titled Not Gay: Sex Between Straight White Men. Titles of some of Jane Ward’s recent articles demonstrate her provocative style: “Get Your Gender Binary Off My Childhood!: Towards a Movement for Children’s Gender Self-Determination;” “Radical Experiments Involving Innocent Children: Locating Parenthood in Queer Utopia,” and “Queer Feminist Pigs: A Spectator’s Manifesta.” Professor Ward is founder of the feminist blog and cofounder, along with CJ Pascoe and Tey Meadow, of She cofounded the queer burlesque troupe “The Miracle Whips” in 2004 and founded the parenting collective “L.A. Genderqueer Parenting” in 2009, both based in Los Angeles.  She is also a baker, an urban gardener, and a parent to one human child, four cats, and eight chickens.

  One Response to “Aug 14: Sex Between Straight Men: It’s Not Gay with Author Jane Ward”

  1. I found myself yelling back at this podcast: “They’re either Bi or ‘Macho-Guy Gay’ – they’re not straight!” Why does the author say “homosexual activity is ubiquitous in white male heterosexuals” and then convert back to the dialog of “hetero-normative”? I understand that society currently doesn’t allow men a sexual spectrum, but the author reinforces the problem because she doesn’t even apply the term “bi” to these men either! (I disagree with her about “bi” necessarily meaning gender queer: applying her logic, “lipstick lesbians” are straight women!) It’s utter nonsense if a man having exclusively homosexual activity can identify as straight as long as he doesn’t ACT like a fag!

    Why do these labels matter? You touched on it in the show. Our entire discussion of gender identity, orientation, expression, and sexual freedom depends on accurate labels. If men are only gay or straight – with the latter including those who identify as straight, but only engage in homosexual activity – then it’s very easy to dismiss being gay as a choice. Taking this view to the extreme, being gay can be marginalized as just a lifestyle choice!

    You and the author both missed the opportunity to press the issue of male sexual fluidity -it’s clearly evident in the author’s research, but can’t be discussed properly until we break the paradigm of men only being “straight” or “flamboyantly gay”.

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