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Tristan speaks on variety of topics including sex education, relationships, GLBT issues, feminism, and pornography with her signature style that’s direct, down to earth, and extremely entertaining.  Tristan’s work, writing and films are routinely used in college courses to explore the complex issues of relationship and sexual diversity, politics and media. As a speaker, she is widely regarded as an expert on a diverse range of topics from sexual empowerment and LGBTQ sexuality to non-monogamy and feminist pornography. She lectures at top colleges and universities and teaches sex and relationship workshops around the world. To get more information about booking an appearance, contact Tristan today. Here is just a sample of Tristan’s presentations and what people say about her:

Tristan Taormino College Talks Reel from Tristan Taormino on Vimeo.

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  1. Will you be speaking at Smith, Mount Holyoke, Amherst, Umass or Hampshire college?
    I’m at Oh My Sensuality Shop in Northampton so I’d love to see you speak.
    carol ann

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