Oct 072014

Morgana maye

This Friday on Sex Out Loud, I interview professional dominant, counselor, and human sexuality consultant Dr. Morgana Maye. Her work as a Kink Counselor helps individuals, couples, and multi-partner relationships better understand and explore their desire. We’ll discuss navigating taboo kinks – any and all kinks are fair game for our discussion! – as well as issues concerning two-bottom or two-top households and how to come out to and find partners who will share your kink.

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Dr. Morgana Maye is a San Francisco-based professional dominant, counselor, and human sexuality consultant. She teaches people how to fully express their kinky desires without shame, and empowers them with the language and skills necessary to negotiate loving and lasting kink-positive relationships. Dr. Maye is the owner Maison de la Maitresse, San Francisco’s premiere boutique dungeon. She has both Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology, with a post-doctoral specialty in forensics and working with sexual behavior problems. Her writing has appeared in Best American Erotica, Politically Inspired, and Sex for America, and she is the writer and host of the instructional video Whipsmart: A Good Vibrations Guide to Beginning S/M.


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  1. Hi very interested in all of this. Finding a Dominant when one is 71 years old very difficult

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